DIY Camera Strap Cover Tutorial {mixed fabrics + ric-rac}

So, as many of you know (from hanging out over on facebook), I got a DSLR camera last weekend. So after shooting almost 1000 pictures in my first day-and-a-half of owning it (no, I’m not kidding), I went on to the next step after taking it for a test drive: cute-ifying it!

camera strap 01

So I set about making a cover (a sleeve, technically) for the camera strap, pulling fun fabrics and ric-rac to piece together.

camera strap 02

For this project, I used two strips of fabric a little wider than twice the diameter of my camera lens cover and long enough (when added together) to cover the nylon webbing part of the stock camera strap. [I made my strap wide to accommodate the lens cover pocket, but you can easily make one closer to the more narrow width of the stock camera strap by making your fabric just wide enough to wrap around the original strap + seam allowances.]

I played around with my design layout (I ended up skipping the button). I knew I wanted a mix of fabrics and a lens cover pocket, but other than that, I just went for it.

camera strap 03

To add ric-rac to the pocket opening, I sew a length of ric-rac to the front of the pocket (which I’d already turned under once and sewn down).

camera strap 04

Next, fold the pocket fabric under right along the line you just sewed so that half the ric-rac sticks up out of the pocket. Sew the seam. [I ran two rows to hold the seam down securely from flipping up and to make the edge nice and crisp.]

camera strap 05

Set the pocket aside and grab the two pieces of fabric you are using to make the length of the cover. Sew them right sides together, then unfold and lay flat.

camera strap 06

Add a length of ric-rac along the seam by sewing it right down the middle to the seam of the two joined fabrics.

camera strap 07

Next, sew the pocket to the cover fabric. I hemmed the cover fabric (far right stitches) then secured the pocket by turning it under and attaching it straight to the cover with both a straight and a zig-zag stitch (middle and left rows of stitches).

camera strap 08

[So it looks like this on the front.]

camera strap 09

Now all your fabrics are attached, it’s almost time to make a tube.

camera strap 10

But first, run a stitch right up the center of the pocket (which will actually be the side of two pockets, one in front and one in back of the finished strap).

Hem the other (non-pocket) end of the long strip. Finally, fold the length of the strap in half (so it will be long and skinny) right-sides-together and sew along the long edge keeping the ends open.

camera strap 11

Turn the strap right side out and you’re done! [I top sewed my two long edges, but this is not necessary, just an added detail.]

camera strap 12

To thread the stock strap through the new cover, use a bodkin (but a safety pin attached to one end of the original strap would certainly work in a pinch too).

camera strap 13'

And there you have it! One cute camera strap cover complete with a handy little pocket for tucking away the lens cover, to boot! Wheeeeee!


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