A Little Camera Strap Tweak {for functionality}

When I made my camera strap a few weeks ago, I included a pocket at one end to hold the lens cover when I am snapping pictures.

camera strap tweak odd photo angles 1

Of course, my adventures since then have found me in some odd positions. Like on my belly to capture some toes…

camera strap tweak odd photo angles 2

Or on my back to capture my little swinger.

camera strap tweak odd photo angles 3

[Getting low down allowed me to “crop” out the background trees and just capture my little girl whizzing through the atmosphere.]

camera strap tweak 01 choosing a button

Of course, this is all very well, except the lens cover kept on slipping out of its little pocket, and I was afraid that I would eventually lose it.

camera strap tweak 02 buttons

So I employed my chief button selector to help me choose a button for a solution.

camera strap tweak 03 button and elastic

All I needed was a button and a bit of thin elastic. [This button is 1″ diameter and the elastic is about 2.5″ length.]

camera strap tweak 04 elastic loop

Fold the elastic in half to form a loop.

camera strap tweak 05 elastic pinned

Pin the two ends to the inside edge of the pocket.

camera strap tweak 06 elastic pinned

Make sure your elastic loop is centered before you sew.

camera strap tweak 07 sew elastic

Sew straight across the two ends, back and forth a couple of times.

camera strap tweak 08 secure lens cover

Then sew on a button where the end of the elastic loop is–this will make it neither too tight to slip the elastic over, nor too loose and gaping.

camera strap tweak 09 slip in lens cover

Now the lens cover can slip right in and stay put when you loop the elastic over the button, no matter what contortions you pull to capture a shot!

camera strap tweak 11

I love the extra fun punch of color, too.

camera strap tweak 12

It’s the joi de wheeeee!

camera strap tweak 10

And meanwhile, if you want any button selecting advice or sorting assistance, Sis is accepting clients.

camera strap tweak 13

If you want to make your own fun, whimsical, patchwork & ric-rac camera strap, the tutorial’s over here. Wheeeeee!


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