DIY Upcycled Ombre Ruffled Cardigan {from a t-shirt}

So, after making a couple of old white t-shirts into a new ruffled shirt recently, I’ve been thinking about doing another…

white t-shirt ruffle refashion 22'

So, I grabbed my scissors and a bottle of aquamarine blue RIT dye and set to work!

blue ombre ruffled tshirt 01

For this cardigan, I used the leftover scraps from the last shirt upcycle and one additional plain white long sleeve t-shirt. I cut the sleeves and chest fabric off the scrap shirt.

blue ombre ruffled tshirt 02

I cut the hem and about 7 inches off the bottom off the full shirt. [Side note: I originally meant to make this shirt the same design as the white one, with the front panel left intact, but I had an airhead moment and cut the whole bottom off the shirt. But you know: get tangled up – just tango on! I love the way the cardi turned out, so it was a happy accident.]

blue ombre ruffled tshirt 04

Next, into the dye, the pieces went! I dyed the bottom ruffle in the darkest 9most concentrated) dye for the longest time. I dyed the top ruffle in a lighter (less concentrated) dye bath. And the top part of the shirt, I dyed in the top ruffle’s dye, but only for a short amount of time.

blue ombre ruffled tshirt 05

But–hmm–once the three tiers were dry, I was not happy with the ombre effect. Although the bottom ruffle was darker (tough to tell here), the top ruffle and shirt body looked too close in shade. So I ran the shirt part through the wash with a bit of bleach.

blue ombre ruffled tshirt 11

And it came out just a PERFECT shade of super pale aqua.

blue ombre ruffled tshirt 12

Next, I sewed my two ruffle pieces together along the top, just like I did with the white ruffle t-shirt, then attached them to the shirt, ruffling as I went.

blue ombre ruffled tshirt 13

And shazaam, just that simple!

blue ombre ruffled tshirt 06

Hmm… Although… Without that flat front panel like on the last one, the look just was not quite working for me. The shirt made me look a bit like I am expecting #4. Which would be okay if I were. But alas, I am not, so it was back to the cutting table for one quick tweak before calling this project done.

blue ombre ruffled tshirt 15

I measured where the center was and slit it straight up the front, from nape to neck.

blue ombre ruffled tshirt 16

Ahh, much better!

blue ombre ruffled tshirt 07

blue ombre ruffled tshirt 08

blue ombre ruffled tshirt 09

[Many thanks yet again to my favorite three-year-old iPhone photographer.]

blue ombre ruffled tshirt 10

Yay! I’m loving this new cardi, the perfect weight for spring. [Well, or at least someone’s spring–we’ve had a bit of a cold snap again, brrrr!] But, anyhoo, wheeeeeeee!


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