Nothing Says “Happy Spring, Teacher” Like Sweat

Yay! Perfect excuse for a little teacher gift: Spring is here! Let’s hope this season brings a lovely warm up.

spring teacher gift air freshener

Of course, as the weather warms, the sweat pours. In fact, recently it was hinted to Big Bro’s class that deodorant might be a good idea. Ha, that kinda cracks me up. I can only imagine his sweet teacher right after the kids come in from recess. Stuffy class of sweaty fourth graders, anyone? …Bueller?


So I got this little happy for Big Bro’s teacher.  What could it be, you ask?

air freshener spray

Yep. Air freshener. ‘Cause nothing says “welcome to Spring” like a bunch of sweat-drenched fourth graders.


The card reads, “YAY! Spring is in the air! …OOF. Unfortunately so is the odor of a whole gaggle of post-recess 4th graders… HAPPY SPRING ANYWAY!” 🙂

Haha, I crack myself up. I hope this brightened [and freshened] her day, wheeeeee!


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