The Bridesmaid Dress She Actually DID Wear Again {sort of}

My sister-in-law Kristen is simply one of the most thoughtful, fun, gracious people I know. When I married my husband, I somehow also inherited an absolutely amazing extended family. Who knew?

wear bridesmaid dress again 1 wedding

Kristen was my matron of honor. A year later, we moved to my hubs’ hometown, where she also lives. I vividly remember the day she brought her first child home from the hospital, a beautiful daughter. And when we welcomed our first child four months later, the two became friends from birth.

wear bridesmaid dress again 2 Big Bro and Gus

Although we live many miles apart now, our firstborns pick up right where they left off whenever we are together. [This was a few years ago when they came into town for our church’s VBS.]

wear bridesmaid dress again 3 madeover

Anyhoo, we’re close. So imagine my joy when I received this picture.

wear bridesmaid dress again 4

Not only did my sister-in-law save her bridesmaid dress all these years, but she just had it made into a formal for my precious niece’s first father-daughter school dance.

wear bridesmaid dress again 5

My cup runneth over.

wear bridesmaid dress again 6

[I hope it was an amazing night, sweet girl. Your Aunt Gina was thinking of you, beautiful one!]

So, anyone else out there ever actually wear a bridesmaid dress again? Do tell!


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