Downsizing: Tinkerbell Costume Makeover

Well, we had ourselves a marvelous Hallowe’en at our church with gobs of carnival games, giant inflatables, pony rides, laser tag, and–of course–candy!! Big Bro wanted to be a ninja. Li’l wanted to be a knight. And Sis wanted to be… Li’l Bro. Oi.

tinkerbell costume 02

So, when someone in our neighborhood was giving away this costume the other day, I jumped on it! It was an adult size Tinkerbell costume, but I knew that it could be perfect for Sis with just a little tweaking.

tinkerbell costume 03

So using one of her shirts as a guide, I cut the sides and arm openings.

tinkerbell costume 04

I cut around the shoulders and neckline, adding about 1/4″ as I went for seam allowance, then I tapered out from the armpits to the waist.

tinkerbell costume 05

Sewing right sides together, I closed the sides of the dress and the top of the straps, leaving the arm openings and neck opening open. I left the neck and arm openings raw.

tinkerbell costume 06

I could have stopped there, and it would have worked.

tinkerbell costume 07

But I went one step further and added an elastic waistband. Make sure to use a zig-zag stitch for this step! You could attach this to the inside of your bodice, just above the skirt…

tinkerbell costume 08

…But I decided to add the elastic to the outside just above the skirt, and then fold over the bodice and sew down to cover the elastic (back to regular straight stitch for that second part).

tinkerbell costume 09

Next I moved on to the wings, a simple fix. I just snipped the fabric-covered elastic strap down to a better fitting length…

tinkerbell costume 10

…And reattached the straps, making sure to capture the elastic in my stitching.

tinkerbell costume 11

And there you have it! One uber easy costume downsize! [Um… I added a pair of shoe overlays, too. They are SEW simple… I might share that tute soon so you can make little elf shoes for Christmas if you are so inclined.

tinkerbell costume 13

And Sis approves! And good thing too, ’cause I’m not sure how I might have pulled off her looking like her buzz cut brother for Halloween.

So what did your munchkins dress up as this year? Are you a coordinating costume sort of family, or does each child choose a unique costume for himself? Do tell!


2 responses to “Downsizing: Tinkerbell Costume Makeover

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  2. Used your Christmas elf shoe post to make Peter Pan shoe covers. My oldest is going as Captian Hook, my middle boy as Boba Fett, my youngest boy as Peter Pan, and my daughter as Tinkerbell.


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