Three Cheers For The Totally Updated Felt Pom-Pom Tutorial

So, we are in the middle of of another kids’ basketball season, and we’re loving it.

DIY felt pom poms 01

Well, except for when our games are at 8:30. Ouch. Look at her excitement. She can hardly contain her enthusiasm.

…But other than that, the season is going fantastically!

DIY navy and white cheer uniform with pom poms

So Sis’s little cheer uniform is fun, but this year I did the pom-poms a little differently.

DIY navy and white cheer uniform pom pom detail

The felt strips are thicker, and the overall shape is more pom-pom-esque. [That’s a technical term.]

DIY felt pom poms 02

This round, I used 13 white, 7 navy, and 6 blue strips, each cut to about 1″ x 13″. First, stack your felt strips (I like to alternate the colors if I’m using more than one.]

DIY felt pom poms 03

Then using thick thread (I used embroidery floss), sew right down through the center of your stack of strips. Leave a tail several inches long.

DIY felt pom poms 05

Next, wrap the thread back to your original starting point and sew through the stack a second time. [You can wrap and sew a few more times if you want, but using thick thread or embroidery floss, doubled over like I did, should provide ample security.]

DIY felt pom poms 06

Pull both ends taut and tie off with a double knot. Trim loose threads.

DIY felt pom poms 07

The last step is to pull back the ends: Take the first strip and fold both ends up, pulling them the same direction. Then take the next strip and pull both ends down. Keep repeating until all ends have been bent up or down, and you’ll have a nice poofy pom-pom. [I alternated up-up-down so my three colors were evenly distributed. If you are doing a two-color pom-pom, it’s great to do two of one color, then two of the other, alternating your stack before you sew, so you can just up-down this step.]

DIY felt pom poms 08

And there you have it! Two cute little pom-poms in minutes!

DIY felt pom poms 09

Still truculent with the mamarazzi this morning, hmm…

DIY felt pom poms 10

Ah yes, sure way to bring out a smile? Bring in the brothers! Go team, goooo!


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