Valentine’s Breakfast: Easy Crepes & Heart-berries

We’re no tree-hugging health nuts here at the camp. We don’t grow our own food (though I *am* terribly romanced by the idea of a backyard garden… and chickens), we don’t eat organic, and if fast food gets the job done, we hit that.

But breakfast is important to me. Well, I mean, not me personally–I stumble blurry-eyed through the kitchen in the mornings grappling for a cup of coffee or tea and often leave it at that–but for my precious ones, our kids, the “most important meal of the day” mantra rings through my head. I want to give them a good start to the day. I think protein. I think health and sustained energy.

But then there’s Valentine’s. Ah Valentine’s. And there’s me. Oh me, I do love a theme. So there must be a special breakfast, right? A theme breakfast? Maybe even one with copious amounts of sugar?

So it has become a tradition the past few years to have a special Valentine’s Day breakfast, and it is a favorite treat of our oldest son. He loves crepes, and since that sounds all very french and romantic (no, I don’t tell him that), what better course for a Valentine’s petit dejeuner? Add some lovely strawberries (conveniently theme-colored) cut into hearts, and we’ve got a winner.

Here’s how I whip it up: First I pull out the BH&G cookbook my husband’s mom gifted me at a cooking-themed bridal shower (a food-spill-smeared treasure, especially now that she has gone on to be with the Lord). The crepes are in the breads section. Weird, but okay: Sounds good to me–less guilt than the cakes or pastries sections, right?

Easy peasy: 2 beaten eggs, 1-1/2 cups milk, 1 cup all-purpose flour, 1 tbsp cooking oil

Then look, there’s ONE step. Haha, I love that. I usually skip the salt & [dessert crepes] sugar substitution since I add copious amounts of sugar later. I throw it all into a jug (actually, I make a double batch so we can have crepes twice!) and give it a whisk. I also use a 1/4 cup of batter for each crepe (that’s twice the called-for 2 tbsp, but remember over here at the fabric wreath tutorial, when I mentioned my years in TEXAS? …Yep, tease it on up: everything’s bigger in Texas).

So I just pour out 1/4 cup of batter from my big ol’ jug and cook them in a saucepan on about a 4 (glass cooktop) just until the surface goes from wet glossy to matte and the edges just start to curl. I always flip mine over for a moment too.

Then you’ll have this little lovely (below left). Roll it up, cut the tops off some strawberries in a “v” and slice them (instant hearts!) to get ALMOST there (below right)…

Then take it right over the top with some powdered shugah!

Is food my boys’ love language? I hope so. Because this meal screams “I LOVE YOU!” {And I pray they hear it.}

What do you do to love your loved ones on Valentine’s Day {and all the other days}?


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