24 responses to “how to make easy DIY tomato cage Christmas trees

  1. From experience using the garland, my best guess would be ONE 9’garland ought to be enough, the cages aren’t all that tall AND the fact that they taper. Same reasoning for the lights ONE box of 100 count. I am definitely making these, using the planters from my flowers!


  2. I just made four of these with different sized cages that we had on hand. I used four $1.98 garlands on each. Full and lovely in our pedestal pots. Thanks for a great idea!


  3. Looking for the garlands! The only one I can find at Wal*Mart or on Amazon are the ones that are what my mom used to call bottle brush … same length needles all the way around… the ones you have used seem to be a little bit more realistic looking.


  4. I too used Walmart’s garland. I noticed this past week, at Michael’s Craft, that their garland looks a bit different than Walmart’s. You might like the look if you’ve a Michael’s nearby..


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  6. I made the tree, very easy. Used 3 9ft branch garlands, one set 100 clear lights, one tomato cage, bows I had at home. Total cost $25


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