Bleach Splash On A Dress? {simple fix}

Well, you know when I accidentally ruin an article of my clothing (bleach this go-’round) that it is probably destined for one of three places:

green cashmere cardi accidental makeover 02

1) I’ll make something new for Sis (a la “It’s Not Ruined… It’s Just Resized“).

wrap dress to cardi upcycle 15 after

2) I’ll make something new for myself (a la “Red to Ruffles: Simple Upcycled Wrap Dress To Cardi“).


get tangled up, just tango on

3) I’ll just go with it.

bleach splatter dress 01

I chose option THREE. You can see a little bit of the splatter in the photo above. Actually, I was cleaning the glass-enclosed shower when my bum brushed up against an already-scrubbling-bubbles-sprayed shower wall.

Occupational hazard.

bleach splatter dress 02

So I laid out the dress on my laundry room floor and sprayed the whole thing with scrubbing bubbles, you know, as any logical woman would do.

bleach splatter dress 03

It started lightening up the fabric quickly. So pretty much as soon as I’d spritz the front, flipped it over, and spritz the back, it was ready to throw in the washer. I washed and dried it as normal.

bleach splatter dress 05

The super casual fabric plays really well with the loose “pattern” of the spray.

bleach splatter dress 04

And before you can say Bob’s your uncle, this casual summer dress is ready to go again! Hooray!

So, what do you do when you mess up a piece of clothing? Do tell!

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3 responses to “Bleach Splash On A Dress? {simple fix}

  1. Got a small bleach spot on dark jeans or other pants? Find a Permanent marker in the closest color and color away! No one will be the wiser……. Only you and GOD!


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