The Knicks And The Knock {Why I Still Don’t Care About Basketball, But The Jeremy Lin Thing Has My Attention}

Okay, my husband suddenly pipes up and asks, “Have you heard about this?” He is watching Sports Center; I am tapping away on my laptop. [Um, have I heard about something that is now being broadcast on Sports Center… Ummmm, I’m gonna go with Prohhhhb’ly Not, but I ask anyway.] “Hmm?”

Then he regales me with the account of Jeremy Lin’s sudden & seemingly meteoric rise to NBA basketball superstardom. He tells me with great animation about how this kid has scored more points in his first five games than any rookie ever (or something like that… I admit, I usually sort of glaze over a bit when he starts hitting me with sports stats). But then he tells me a little about his story, how he gets called up to the big leagues (I thought that only happened in baseball, so I hope I’m getting the lingo right here), and when he is [finally] played–“Put the kid in,” some-presumably-influential-person-whose-name-I’ve-forgotten says–he completely jams. Like utterly. Like gobs of points. Like visions-of-Air-Jordan-dance-in-their-heads good.

Once my husband is done with his account, he thanks me for letting him share even though it’s not my thing.

But I tell him I actually think it’s really interesting. [And I’m not even lying.]

Here’s the chord it struck with me:

Jeremy Lin. There he was, just as talented a few weeks ago [overlooked] as he is today [in the spotlight]. Nothing has changed but one thing.


It knocked; He answered.

And I thought HOO-AH!

So I wonder, will I be ready when opportunity knocks?

Because the time to start practicing is not when I get called up. Will I be ready to exercise the unique gifts and abilities God has woven into me when that door opens? Am I spending time with Him and honing my skills in the dark for the day He might bring them into the light?

Are you?

Now THAT is exciting stuff.


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