DIY Tip: Simple Toddler Swing Fix

Can I just say {once again} that I LOVE where we live, here in the mountains? It’s sunny & 74 right now, and I’m saying things like, “Phewf, it’s hot out here.” Believe me, after years of 100-degree-plus southern summers, I love that my body has adjusted to this glorious climate.

But I digress.

I was outside with Li’l Bro & Sissy enjoying running and climbing and sliding and water gunning and bubble blowing and–thanks to my brilliant husband–swinging.

Unfortunately, Sissy’s swing is held up by rope that has become really prickly and spiky as it’s aged. It’s no fun to get in and out of or to hold on to. [What were you thinking, swing manufacturer??]

Thankfully my fine husband thought to employ a lovely little item called electrical tape (third only to the brilliance of duct tape and plumber’s tape, on my list). And it comes in all sorts of colors (you know those crafty electricians love to make a color statement, right?). AND it’s cheap as chips–about three bucks for this five-pack.

So the fix is simple: just wrap the matching-color tape around and around the rope for a fantastic smooth grip, and scrape free entry & exit.

And as a bonus, the tape doesn’t get sticky and gooey like duct tape can when left out to bake in the sun. It is pliable and outdoor friendly. Perfect!

Of course, our four-year-old was there to assist. {Thanks Batman, couldn’t have done it without you. xoxox}

So, any quick fixes you’ve got on your to-do list this week?


One response to “DIY Tip: Simple Toddler Swing Fix

  1. Great idea. I am orginally from Mobile, AL and we also lived in the New Orleans area. I am complaining about the heat today in Arkansas and it is only 85 degrees. It is 91 degrees in New Orleans today. Oh, how we forget. I just learn how to post videos on my blog. check out the About Roarks at


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