Going For A Run {this could get ugly.}

Well, I didn’t throw up and my gums didn’t bleed. So that’s something. But I wasn’t sure exactly how long it might take me since I’ve only run one other time in the past year. I knew it wasn’t going to be pretty.

But I love running. I mean, I really love it. I get a runner’s high, I guess, and I come home all happy and energized. I think since our youngest has gotten [much] more mobile and the boys got out of school last summer, I just haven’t made time to run. I’ve fallen flat out of the habit. {Y’all ever do that, give up something you adore?}

So tonight, after Sissy was tucked in bed and the boys were hunkered down for movie night with daddy, I set off. Thankfully, it’s summer so the daylight hours are long… And also thankfully, my kids go to bed early (like, obscenely early).

I hit a local park armed with my two favorite running companions: Pandora & Jog Tracker on my android phone.

It felt so good to get out there and hit the pavement… well, and the gravel. From a cold start, it took me 35:15 minutes to do the 3.1 miles. Not quite the stuff of Boston Marathons, y’know? But it’s a decent starting [over] point.

Can I tell you the [slightly] embarrassing thing about running for me? My face turns completely red when I run. Now, I don’t mind looking goofy, but I prefer not to garner pity for looking like I’m about to keel over! I’m not dying, I promise! I feel great! My face was still red an HOUR LATER. Oi. What can a girl do.

So here’s the stats breakdown:

Well, blog-reading friends, I might just use you for some accountability on this one. How can I so easily relinquish something I purportedly love?

So, have you ever let a passion slip away? …And have you ever discovered or reclaimed one? Do tell!


4 responses to “Going For A Run {this could get ugly.}

  1. Oh I love your blog- stumbled upon it today and this bit in particular spoke to my soul!! I don’t have kids but life get in the way all the same and often times all women give up something they deeply love!


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