Eye Candy: Booth 121 Furniture

Okay, so first of all, there’s Dudley.

booth 121 furniture dudley tie

I mean, really. Look at that mug.

He’s the mascot for Cottage Grove, Wisconsin-based artist Leah Raisbeck‘s Booth 121.

booth 121 leah raisbeck

And her work just makes me happy.

I don’t know Leah personally, and since she lives about eighteen hours’ drive away, I guess we’re not super likely to start hanging out any time soon. But I’m pretty sure we’d be BFFs and braid each other’s hair on a bi-weekly basis if we lived closer.

Ahem, but I digress.

My fantastic mother-in-law Janet introduced me to her work, and I’m a fan.

booth 121 furniture white dressers

Of course, we know my affinity for curvy-faced, chunky-legged, white-painted pieces like these.

booth 121 furniture stripe dresser mid century modern sherbert

But, if you are feeling a little more adventurous, Leah has a fantastic knack for making a piece feel at once fresh and young while also worn and old.

booth 121 furniture stripe sideboard buffet

Her take on stripes had me at hello.

booth 121 furniture stripe dresser nursery

I mean, seriously, can I be a kid again just to have this in my nursery?

booth 121 furniture kids table

And don’t think this doesn’t get my wheels turning on a girly-colored version for Sis’s table and chair set.

booth 121 furniture stripe desk mid century modern

And then there’s her color blocking choices. Subtle. Brilliant.

booth 121 furniture stripe dresser mid century modern

They’re kinda genius, I think.

booth 121 furniture stripe dresser purple

I love to peruse her projects for inspiration. Talk about breathing new life into something.

booth 121 furniture shape dresser octopus

Here’s what happens when you give her a bag of Sprees, oyster crackers, and a Diet Coke.

booth 121 furniture ombre dresser desk blue before

And ombre? I mean, come on.

booth 121 furniture pieces

Those shutters. That dresser.

You better just hush.

If you like what you see, you can like Booth 121 on facebook and see her lovely little projects brighten your newsfeed, too. Enjoy!


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