Ornaments + Ribbon = Valentine’s {heart bunting}

Okay, confession… I’ve had these felt heart ornaments since just after last Christmas… not the most recent one, no… the one over a year ago. Does that make me a bona fide craft hoarder? Perhaps.

felt heart bunting hearts

But what I thought then is what I know now: that these little pretties would make for excellent Valentine’s crafting. And since they were marked down to 75% off their $1/three-pack price in the after-Christmas clearance, I scooped up 24 (8 packs, $2 total) thinking at the time that I might use them for one of the boys’ class valentines.

felt heart bunting ribbon

But today as I pulled them out to think about making a wreath with them, I decided that they would make a great Valentine bunting. So I pulled out some ribbon in pinks, white, and red.

felt heart bunting heart detail

I just snipped the ornament hanger and tied a row of hearts together with alternating pinks, red, and white ribbon.

felt heart bunting connecting

It was uber easy and went fast.

felt heart bunting chair swag

If I’d stopped at four hearts, it would have made a perfect swag for a kitchen chair…

felt heart bunting fence

And it was quite comfortable swagged across the fence. I can just see it with a table of pink and red treats set up below it… And how sweet would it be for a photo prop? One brother hold each end and Sissy peaking over the middle!

felt heart bunting buffet front

But in the end, it made it to its planned location, swagged across the front of the buffet in the foyer.

felt heart bunting buffet detail

Pretty ladies all in a row!

Well… at least for about five minutes…

felt heart wreath

Then I realized I had actually only bought twenty-one hearts, so I truncated the swag* and used those pieces to fill in the gaps in this wreath. But more on how I made the wreath another day, perhaps.

So, is anyone else out there decorating for Valentine’s? [And anyone else using clearance Christmas ornaments, remade??] Do tell!


5 responses to “Ornaments + Ribbon = Valentine’s {heart bunting}

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  2. I just stumbled on your blog from following a pin on Pinterest. And I have to admit. . . I have the same Target felt hearts from 2 Christmas’ ago . . .I think I have 4 or 5 sets that I got for 90% off. I didn’t do anything with them this last holiday either but you have inspired me to dig back through my holiday stuff to get them out! Totally made me laugh.


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