Renewed With Polka Dots & Paint: Frame For Sis

The time had come for this little frame to get a makeover. And I wanted to spend all of about five minutes on it.

polka dot frame makeover 01

With a little chip in the finish (bottom left), it had still served us well in Little Bro’s room. But now it was up for a new lease in Sis’s room, so it needed an update.

polka dot frame makeover 02

I really didn’t want to spend any time or energy on it, so I squirted green paint straight onto the starred portion of the frame and painted that out.

polka dot frame makeover 03

[I painted right over the blemish.]

polka dot frame makeover 04

Then I grabbed the little cardboard frame backer…

polka dot frame makeover 05

…and painted it bright pink.

polka dot frame makeover 06

Finally, I added a few quick and easy polka dots with my foam stencil brush.

polka dot frame makeover 08

And there you have it! I secured the family photo in place with two-sided tape so it wouldn’t slip or shift, and propped it up on Sis’s shelf.

polka dot frame makeover 07'

Hooray for fast, simple, free, and cute!!


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