A DIYer’s Home: Cheap, Easy Curtain Upgrade

Curtain panels are so pricey! Even to buy enough fabric and make them yourself can really add up! So here is how to get nice curtains on the cheap.

I had a random single navy & single white panel from Pottery Barn Outlet, and I bought a two pack of navy and a two-pack of white panels from WallyWorld. So there are actually six, not three, panels pictured here in the “before” pictures because I “lined” each navy panel with a white one to make them a little fancier and for more light control. When I hung these curtains in my now-eight-year-old’s room, I hung them high with the intention of lengthening them…

Um, yeah, that was 2007, five years ago…

But today I got all gung-ho and lengthened them. The original panels were all 84″, too short to span the height needed. So I bought another two-pack of navy and two-pack of white short length (63″) to add to the bottom of the existing panels. I cut the short panels in half from left to right & cut off the tab tops. As the old and new were the vsame width, all I had to do was sew a straight line across to attach the existing panels to the extension pieces, right sides together.

I took the panels down and laid them out on the floor of our foyer (the only work surface large enough!). I removed the decorative buttons and [ahem] the safety pins that were holding the white lining to the navy panels.

Then I did a little cut-and-paste… Or, er, cut-and-sew… [Below: the “commitment cut.” YIKES!] One of the panels was wider, but I hemmed it up the side so it was the same width as the other two and so the added navy fabric was already the right width.

I not only wanted to lengthen the curtain panels, but I also wanted to change them from tab top to belt loop top. I don’t really like the way tab tops look, and belt loop tops pleat SO nicely and naturally when opened! All I did was foldover the tabs and sew straight across the top of the panel.

Then I hung them back up to pin where the bottom hem needed to fall, took them back down, and sewed that straight across. [And actually, as providence would have it, I only had to hem one of them, the other two had the bottom half of the “add on” fabric panels, and they were the EXACT RIGHT LENGTH! Crazy! ] Not too much later, we got to the “after”! Woohoo!

Way-hey! Three gorgeous, lined, full-length, pleated curtain panels for about $50! Nice.

Any curtains lying around you want to add a little somethin’ somethin’ to?


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