DIY Fast & Simple Felt Pouch Tutorial

Besides a diaper bag for church and a diaper bag just to have in the car, I *also* keep a couple of diapers (or nappies, for our European readers) and wipes in my purse. Overkill, much? But while I have two very cute little totes as diaper bags, the purse diapers & wipes are tossed into the fray with nothing but a hair elastic to keep them bound together. A little sad. So yesterday I whipped up a little dipes & wipes pouch. Much better!

{click thumbnails to enlarge}

But today, I am still in pouch-making mode, so I made this little felt pouch to hold my calling cards. {Yes, I made CampClem cards. Yes, I am a nerd. No, I haven’t had the nerve to give out a single one.}

Then big bro saw it and asked for one too… He designed a slight modification: easily removable belt loop. {I love that he could draw exactly what he wanted. Ain’t being eight grand?} First, gather and cut out your pieces. You will need a.) 2 short pieces of skinny elastic–or use a ponytail holder in a pinch, three pieces of felt for b.) flap liner, c.) front notched piece, and d.) back & flap piece, e.) two small belt loop pieces, and f.) 2 buttons.

{If you want to make this without the belt loop, you can skip 1 button, 1 piece of elastic, and the felt belt loop pieces and use these pieces (below).}

I just cut mine with pinking shears for a decorative edge, but a straight cut is fine too on felt. Since felt is SO easy to work with and doesn’t fray, they just take a few minutes to whip up. Sewing on the button is probably the most time-consuming part of it!

First, loop one of the pieces of elastic (below left) and sandwich in between your two belt loop pieces (below middle). Sew around the perimeter (below right).

{click thumbnails to enlarge}

Next, sew the belt loop to the back & flap piece of felt. I sewed all the way across, but that’s optional. Make sure the elastic loop is facing the opposite direction from the flap. Then, sew the belt loop button to the back. I don’t have a photo of this because I forgot to sew the buttons on until the end (when it is MUCH trickier to do because the back of the fabric where the button’s attached is inside the pouch). AND sew the other button onto the front of the pouch where the flap will fold over.

Now flip over the belt-looped back and place the front notched out piece on top of it. Starting at the top of the right notch, start sewing all the way around the perimeter (below left), pausing to add the flap liner (below middle), and pausing again to tuck in the folded-over piece of elastic (below right).

{click thumbnails to enlarge}

I also sewed across the open edge of the flap liner (or you can leave it open as a mini-mini-pocket).

And shazaam! A cute little felt pouch for your calling cards… or for your brave little knight’s loot…

So, what are you going to enclose in a pouch: diapers & wipes, cards, phone, notepad & pencil, coins? Wheeeeeee!


3 responses to “DIY Fast & Simple Felt Pouch Tutorial

  1. Can you give directions on the wipes pouch? I’d love to whip this up for a fourth baby gift for a friend. Great ideas!


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