{be} the awesome you want to see in the world

You’ve probably heard the quote “be the change you want to see in the world.” Well, this is the CampClem version. It’s amped up a bit. It had two cups of coffee this morning. It’s an attitude, one that doesn’t forget the great depths from which I’ve been lifted, one that celebrates this glorious life in Christ.

Attitude is contagious.

So as we ran an errand this morning (and by errand, I mean going to Dunkin’ Donuts. It is National Donut Day, after all), I hit scan on the radio. As it passed one certain song, Li’l Bro piped up from the back seat (I think it was the beat that got him, since he has never heard this song before), “Oh!! Put it back! I like that one!” I didn’t recognize the song, and you never know what sort of lyrics you’re going to get nowadays, so I could’ve easily said no…

But I put it back. I turned it up. And we got down. {It was awesome.}

Oh yeah, we love to get down at CampClem. It’s a moral imperative.

Although, for a quality car dance party session, may I suggest not just scanning random radio stations (you might end up with a bunch of trash lyrics stuck in your head)–here’s a great car dance party song (this is the CD we’re dancing and worshiping along with right now as I get ready in the mornings). [I might just have to make a dance party play list CD for the car. Any recommendations?]

Then we grabbed a couple o’donuts (donut holes for the little lady).

[Okay, we certainly do not usually eat donuts for lunch, but as a mom I have to say “no” a lot, so sometimes I think it’s great to say “yes!” YES to blasting the radio. YES to donuts for lunch. YES to turning moments into memories! And that is awesome in my book.]

When the Dunkin’ Donuts employee starts telling me all about her daughter, I don’t rush off: I listen. By spending even a few minutes lending an enthusiastic ear to a stranger, I might actually be a great encouragement to someone. And that’s pretty awesome. Besides, who knows when God might open a door to share my faith!

But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have (1 Peter 3:15).

Of course, we took a dozen donuts to Big’s elementary school and left them in the teacher’s lounge. [Awesome.]

And we checked out Big Bro a little early. We told him he had a very important appointment…

“With the dentist? With the doctor?” he questioned.

“No, with the new neighborhood playground.”

Okay, yes, that is awesome.

[Please don’t turn me in for truancy. Call it a “mental health break.” Getting out an hour or two early can feel like a major treat.]

You see, blessing is not always about a grand gesture, but an attitude in the little things and in the every day. Have you been used to be a blessing to anyone today? I hope so! If not yet, what will the rest of the day hold?!

So, how do you be the awesome you want to see in the world?


7 responses to “{be} the awesome you want to see in the world

  1. Hello there , stumbling upon your blog made my day.You post was wrapped with does of inspiration, perfect pictures and sweetness of donuts.Thank you.


  2. Yet another one of your talents emerges Gina! Driving AND video taping!? You continue to amaze and astound me! Love you girl!


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