feedback please: love it, hate it, meh?

Hiya! If you’ve been around a while, you might notice that we are testing a new site design.

I’d love your feedback & thoughts–the good, the bad, the ugly! [the moderately annoying…] Go for it (I’ve got a thick skin). What do you wish I wouldn’t have changed? What are you glad is gone? What do you wish I’d add? Is it navigable? Is it visually appealing? Or does it make you want to gouge your eyes out with a spoon…

I deeply appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts.

And just FYI: 1) You will not be added to any email list (I don’t know why it makes you enter an email to leave a comment), and 2) Your comment will not immediately appear, so don’t fret–it hasn’t mysteriously disappeared!


11 responses to “feedback please: love it, hate it, meh?

  1. I love polka dots – so you got me there! I also enjoy the length of your posts – to the point and full of information. Even though my “little” girl is 14 and telling me to stay away from her clothes; we like your creativity. We are learning to sew and now eyeing things for what they could become. Ahhhh, maybe a life lesson there!


  2. Polka dots are good but is it possible to make the background just a tad deeper in color. It looks just a little cold and your blogs are anything but cold, they are warm, happy and lively and the page should reflect this. I look forward to them every day.


    • That is a good word. I feel like I’ve been around the world on backgrounds–light on dark, dark on light, light on light, stripes, polka dots, buttons! 🙂 Too funny! Here is one of the deeper ones… I don’t want the background to be too much or too strong… But neither do I want it to totally, well, fade into the “background”… Ha! Thanks for your feedback!


  3. I like the blog design, but I hate the click-thru posts, you know, where you can’t see the whole post until you click on it. It definitely WILL NOT stop me reading your blog, but since you asked for honesty, that’s what I’ve got!


    • Elizabeth, that is great feedback, thank you! I wish I could keep my blog layout and navigability (is that a word?) just as it was but without the black box & border around the banner… Hmm… I have heard the click-thru comment from other friends and definitely agree it’s a bother… will work on that! Thanks for taking the time to comment!


  4. I think it’s great! Nice change! I like how your previous posts are listed under each new post (it may have been this way before ?? But, it helps me see what all I’ve missed and need to check out!) Thanks always for your positive, sunny posts that hinge on the spark of faith.


  5. I love your craftiness…. I am a stay at home mother of 4 wonderful kids who are full of spirit….lol…2girls 16&14….and two boys who are for sure ALL boy…lol.. 2 & 4…whew… And lets not forget my handsome husband who is my 5th child…biggest baby of them all… I get bored and start piddleing and come up with some crazy yet unique things that really turn out cute… My girls are competitive cheerleaders and also play multiple sports…i started making goody bags,buckets,cups,hairbows,flops,t shirts,tote bags out of old dog food bags…etc…and I then got into baking cupcakes..cookies…and yummy cakes…and have never thought to put anything online or make a website… I value women of faith who stay true to the lord through whatever we choose to do… I would one day love to open a small bakery and gift shop but my husband said I wouldnt make any mone because I give it away and never charge…i made over a hundred hairbows and many many dresses like the pillowcase dresses and gave them away and did not charge for them… I am not a pro but I enjoy doing it and just gave them as a pay it forward type thing as a thank you to god for giving me a gift to be creative… So happy crafting to you and may the lord xontinue to bless you in all that you do…


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