Preschool Playdate {easy mini buffet}

Of course, by “preschool playdate,” I mean a MOMMY playdate, where a few girlfriends and I sit around and gab and laugh and eat. [Our kids are more than welcome to play too, haha.] When a few of Li’l Bro & Sissy’s friends came over this week, I wanted to have snacks handy for anyone who might want to partake. But you know me: I like to keep things simple and stress-free.

So I grab a big bowl with handles and toss in some ice, then I put in some apple sauce pouches, apple juice boxes, cheese sticks, and banana halves. I try to choose non-messy, simple to open & eat foods. It’s an open bowl, so grabbing a snack is easy for little hands. And it’s great because you don’t have to do any prep work (besides cutting the bananas in half), and none of the food will go to waste: What isn’t eaten can go straight back in the fridge, and the bananas can get a little piece of press & seal over the cut parts.

Um, plus it looks cute. And preschoolers really care about that… right?? 😉

Any tips and tricks you employ to keep playdates easy, fun, and stress-free? Do tell!


I love to read your comments... Do tell!

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