{I love a theme} Thanks Ahoy!

As you may have read, this week has been Vacation Bible School (VBS) at our church. There were three incredible women caring for my daughter in a class of one-year-old volunteers’ kids while I led a group of four-year-olds through their rotations. I had a great youth helper with me (our fourth year to serve together as a team), enthusiastic singer-dance-motion leaders during our music worship time, and energetic craft & snack time leaders, amongst something like three hundred other volunteers who gave their time and energy through the week.

Although I by no means said thank you to everyone who had a part in caring for and ministering to my three own children and my fifteen entrusted campers (the folks who set up, cleaned up, ran the games in our recreation rotations, performed during our play & bible story rotations, etc.), I did want to try to communicate to them in a small way that I deeply appreciate their time and efforts.

The theme for the week was “Sail On!” and our verse was “Let your light shine” from Matthew 5:16 (kind of like a lighthouse)… so there were lots of pirates and beachy and sailor inspiration. I strolled down the candy & cookie aisles at the grocery store looking for words in the products that would suit my theme. Lo and behold (land ho!), I saw the Chips Ahoy and thought they’d fit the bill perfectly. So I grabbed a twelve-pack of the snack size packets and headed on my way.

The only other thing I had to do was write a dozen little thank you notes… on theme, of course! 😉  You know how I do love a theme! Then on the last day of VBS, I just put them in a little tote bag and let my four-year-old pass them out to the leaders on our rotations.

So, am I the only one? Anyone else out there just love a thank you and a theme?


4 responses to “{I love a theme} Thanks Ahoy!

  1. I love your attitude of gratitude!
    Thank you, are two very powerful and beautiful words and always appreciated by the recipient!


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