Maximizing Drawer Space: How To Fold Little Kids’ Shirts

I’ve been folding our kids shirts a slightly different-from-the-norm way for almost nine years, and it’s a great method to maximize drawer space. This will work with little kids’s t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, and polos, etc., until about size 8 (when the shirts get wider than the dresser drawer is deep).

Rather than folding the shirt in the typical way (above), which does not take up the whole depth of a typical dresser drawer and is more bulky, thereby not allowing as tall of a stack of shirts…

Try folding this way (above), which takes up a better space in the drawer (more depth, less height), is less bulky allowing for more shirts in a stack, and–depending on the size of your child–can even allow you to fit an extra row of  stacked shirts in a drawer.

Huzzah! That’s a bit of all right!

So, any other mamas out there have tips on organizing drawers and maximizing space? Do tell!


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3 responses to “Maximizing Drawer Space: How To Fold Little Kids’ Shirts

  1. I’ve been folding my kids’ clothes this way since they were born… I thought I was the only one!! it makes perfect sense to me. Also, I don’t fold or roll their underwear. i just stack them


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