How To {accurately} Measure Your Kids’ Heights

Maybe some wall or doorframe in your home is like mine, with stripes of loving tallies, growth marks stretching up their spine. We mark our kids’ heights on their birthdays and usually their half birthdays. It’s wild to see the gaps between some of the marks when growth spurts have hit!

Since we’ve lived in this house for five years now, we have quite a collection of mile markers on the frame of our pantry door, but I wonder how accurate some of the early marks were…

We used to use a ruler or book or clipboard to determine each height mark, but–as you know–that can be lacking a little in the precision department as it is so easy to tilt up or down by mistake.

Well, one day, it dawned on my to use a snack or cereal box because the corner would form a right angle with the wall and provide an accurate measurement. DUH! Silly Gina!

Anyhoo, you non-blonde moms out there have probably been doing it that way for ages… But for those of you who might not yet have had this little epiphany, I thought I’d share. 🙂

Meanwhile, have you seen these little measurement lovelies on pinterest? [I pinned them on my “let’s get crafty” board.] Totally wall worthy! I am planning to make a ruler for each of our boys and a tape measure for our daughter and hang them side by side. I think it will be a pretty art installation. {And three separate measuring charts help guard against hurt feelings in case our boys ever notice that the younger is taller than the older at each same-age mark! OOF!}

AND to transfer the marks, I am going to trace them with tracing paper and then mark them on the new measuring sticks. That’s easier than removing the door frame if we ever move anyway, right?!

So, how & where do you mark your kids’ heights?


2 responses to “How To {accurately} Measure Your Kids’ Heights

  1. Brilliant! I will use this in my classroom as well to get more accurate readings. Several times a year we collect data about the students’ height to contextualize different math concepts. Thanks for the hint.


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