How To Make A DIY Birthday Age Shirt

Today, we are celebrating my precious one’s birthday. Nine years ago today (at 12:03 in the afternoon, to be exact), we welcomed the one who made me a mama.

Behold, children are a gift of the LORD, The fruit of the womb is a reward. (Psalm 127:3)

Every year, I make each child  a birthday shirt with his new age on it. I didn’t know if my big boy would still be interested in one, but when he came out this morning and saw it on the table with his gifts and other decorations, he immediately wanted to put it on. [hooray!]

Gather Your Supplies

You can but a blank t-shirt in any number of colors at your local craft store (like Michael’s or A.C.Moore). You can get Heat ‘n’ Bond at any fabric store. For the number, you can use any fabric you want! A lightweight cotton works the best, I find. A solid fabric or one with a smaller pattern is better since the cut out number with not offer a huge field to see a full design. [I just used solid black felt for this one because it’s what I had on hand, but I have loved finding fabrics with a favorite theme over the years (fire trucks, airplanes, star wars, etc).]

Step One

Prewash t-shirt & fabric. Iron a piece of Heat ‘n’ Bond to the back of a piece of fabric (each large enough to accommodate the number you will cut out, the fabric a bit bigger than the Heat ‘n’ Bond).

Step Two

Draw your number on the paper backing of the Heat ‘n’ Bond. Make sure to draw the number backwards. [If freehanding is not your forte, you can use a bowl for the curves or print out a number on your computer and trace it.] Cut out the number.

Step Three

Peel the paper backing. Position the number where you want it on the shirt and iron it on.

Voila! Done! One happy birthday boy armed for a day of fun!

So, do you have any special birthday traditions around your camp? Do tell!


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