DIY Girl’s Cute Scarecrow Fall Outfit

What, did I say Friday that I was getting ready for some “weekend” sewing? Oh, how delightfully naive and silly of me. Did I think somehow time would multiply between the Friday night double date and high school football game, the boys’ two chilly morning soccer games, Big Bro’s 9th birthday party, Sunday church and activities, and general exhaustion??

Oh, that’s so cute.

Ahem, so this afternoon, as soon as Li’l Bro and Sis went down for their naps, I pulled out the sewing machine and set to work.

And this little skirt & shirt came right to life before the naps were over and we were out the door again to get Big Bro. Huzzah!

The fun part of the shirt applique for me is in the details. It was tough to choose the right buttons for the eyes, but I think these black ones with a white border strike the right chord. And the straw hair (yellow felt) is too cute–it turned out great cut with pinking shears and left to flap loosely. And the little hat has a floppy flower detail (done in the apple fabric) with an orange button for the center. I love fun little details like that!

Did you know it’s super duper easy to make your own cutesy shirt appliques? Try these fun techniques (below), and make your own peasant skirt, too, with a free, easy tutorial (also below)!

So, I’m in a little girl crafty sewingy outfit mood–what should we make next?! Wheeeee!

Easy shirt embellishment techniques:

And don’t forget a coordinating skirt:


6 responses to “DIY Girl’s Cute Scarecrow Fall Outfit

  1. I love whipping up cute placemats for the table. They turn out so cute and there are tun of mix and match fabrics for all the holidays. Plus they wash up easy and make great holidays gifts for friends!

    Live the cute girly stuff, but with a 6yo and 4yo. Got any cute ideas to do something cool to a hoodie??


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