{how to make} A Boy’s Army Birthday Party Invitation

My first born precious one, the one who made me a mama, turned nine this week. How can that be? It seems at once that I have been a mother for scarcely a moment and also for my whole entire life. These nine years have flashed by in a moment, but I can’t clearly remember a time when I wasn’t his mom.

One of his favorite gifts is a nerf gun he received from my parents. He even has an extra “magazine” for easy reloading of his foam “bullets.” He is all set for his army party now.

To make the invitations for the party, I first did a google search for “camouflage background” images. When I found a free one I liked, I saved the image. Then I found a cool free army-field-typewriting-looking font from http://www.1001fonts.com. This font is called “RM Typewriter Old.” Next, I googled military terms to jargon up the invitation wording.

In a Word document, I inserted the picture and then edited it to be behind the text. Then I added the same image again, but made it smaller and lighter to create a center field. Finally, I entered & centered the party details in my newly installed font. A little tweaking later… and VOILA: one custom party invitation! This can be saved as a PDF and emailed directly to guests, printed out at home, or taken to an office store to be laser printed.

You KNOW I love a theme…So now, on to the other party preparations!!

If you have any favor, decoration, or game ideas that are army themed, I’m all ears! Do tell!


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