Making Jewelry With Sis {and bead corral tip}

One of my girlfriends is in town for Thanksgiving, and I am so thankful to have her little man over for a playdate with Li’l Bro today! Since–praise God–she comes to see me and not our mayhem, I did not clean up the beads that Sis and I had been working with, sprawled on the floor in the front foyer.

DIY kids necklace bead fun and corral tip 01

[A girl’s gotta make some necklaces, yo!]

DIY kids necklace bead fun and corral tip 02

I got this pound tub of beads for Sis’s princess birthday party.

DIY kids necklace bead fun and corral tip 04

It was one of two crafts we did at her princess party, and I was pretty shocked at how enthralled all the girls were with it. [This is NOT my experience with boy birthday parties, where a fast pace and maximum carnage are a plus!]

DIY kids necklace bead fun and corral tip 03

[I was so impressed with the assortment of beads! The pound container I purchased from the craft aisle of WalMart only cost $5 and had more than enough for all the guests at the party to make a necklace, plus extras for another day’s fun!]

DIY kids necklace bead fun and corral tip 06

BUT… the tricky thing with beads is that they go everywhere. So at the party, I put beads on plates for each of the girls, and at home today, I dumped the beads onto a plastic tray (I got this tray at Target a few years ago). This way Sis could sort beads while containing the mess.

[This tray is what my girlfriend saw and wondered if I’d blogged. I always pull out this tray when Sis gets into my buttons or starts beading. It makes for a perfect sorting area for her… and a nice mayhem corral for me.]

DIY kids necklace bead fun and corral tip 07

At the party, we strung the necklaces on stretchy cord, with a first bead tied on a few inches from one end, so all the beads the girls worked to get on didn’t fall right back off! Today, I did not have any of that, so I grabbed some thick thread that looks very much like embroidery floss but without the propensity to unravel and fray, making it hard to thread beads. When Sis was finished, we just double knotted the two ends together (and then trimmed the excess).

DIY kids necklace bead fun and corral tip 08

Of course, the longer I watched Sis work, the more I wanted to join her!!

DIY kids necklace bead fun and corral tip 09

So I started to gather greens and blues, some greys and taupes (I was happy to find some cheerful yet muted colors amid the kiddy shapes and bubblegum hues). I just chose by color and did not discriminate by shape.

DIY kids necklace bead fun and corral tip 10

Now I’m SET for Thanksgiving tomorrow!!

…I know, I know: this soft aqua blue and grey is not a traditional Thanksgiving palette, but the robe-like cardi (that I can totally take off when things heat up in the kitchen) and stretchy pants (hello, yoga waistband!) could not be more gobble day-ready! [And on a totally unrelated side note, can I tell you how much I love that my shoe shelves not only get my shoes off the floor, but are also a perfect place to hang tomorrow’s outfit ideas. Yay! Win-win!

DIY kids necklace bead fun and corral tip 11

So, I know that is a bit of a meandering post… more princess party talk… and beading… and organizational mess control… And an #OOTD peek… It’s a good old-fashioned ADD post, what are you gonna do. So Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!

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2 responses to “Making Jewelry With Sis {and bead corral tip}

  1. I so loved your Matilda Jane ruffle pants when I first saw them, so I set out to find some that were at least similar! Yay! I did! Check out lolly wolly doodle ladies ruffle pants. Score the knit versions for about $28 I think. I will totally be wearing my elastic ruffles today for thanksgiving(ha)!! Love your blog! Happy Thanksgiving!!


    • Ooooh, nice! A fellow ruffle pants wearer! Most of my MJC ruffle pants have been bought while on sale for about the same price, but it looks like LWD’s mom ruffles have an elastic waistband, and I’m in LOVE with the wide flat yoga waistband on my MJC’s! But I do love LWD’s striped ruffle pants, ohhhhh! And corduroy, nice! Thanks for the tip!


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