A Little Skirt Embellishment {and I fight my matchy-match compulsion}

I was so pleased with how the old-to-new owl shirt project worked out, and I was very happy with the coordinating twirly skirt I made to go with it…

…But apparently my propensity to matchy-match runs deeper than I am comfortable admitting, because it bothered me that there was no purple in the skirt.

Thankfully, there was a simple solution.

I cut three little leaf/feather shapes out of the same color felt as in the owl top and grabbed a same-but-bigger button as in the owl’s “bow,”

I attached the felt pieces with a straight stitch right down the middle of each.

And shazaam: now I’ll be able to sleep. Excellent.

Umm… But can we call this outfit “coordinating” instead of “matchy-matchy,” please? That will make me feel a little better about the compulsion, m’kay? Thanks. 😉

Anyhoo, if you find that the project fabric in your stash is close but not quite perfect for your sensibilities, why not whip up a simple felt embellishment to just make it all go? Wheeee!


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