Totally Awesome DIY Fence Panel Headboard

Okay, so hubs and I were at a Christmas party at a friend’s house this past weekend, and my friend Jennifer had her lovely home all decked out and opened up. And I did a gasp-swoon when I went in to put my purse and coat in the bedroom.

01 DIY headboard

Y’all, her headboard is sheer DIY loveliness. [Okay, and let’s just get over how fantastic that bedding is too. Fabulous.]

Now, I have to tell you that I *WISH* I’d grabbed a few shots of this headboard at night with the dreamy glow of those lights swagged across the top… But, um, other guests might start to wonder why on earth I was taking photos in our hosts’ bedroom.

My husband was not even remotely surprised when I hunted him down at the party to gush over this project.

05 DIY headboard

This headboard looks like it is designer all-day-long. But my DIY-radar was piqued, so I was thrilled to hear my friend tell me her hubs had made it! And for about $60 total!!!

04 DIY headboard detail

He said he didn’t actually “build” it because he used a premade 8′ curved top fence panel. He didn’t even have to cut the top–it came like that! A panel like this runs around $40 at Home Depot. It is a little wider than their king bed, and I love the weight and prominence that added width gives it.

03 DIY headboard side view

He said the hardest part of the project was getting it off his truck and into place (apparently an 8′ fence panel is a little heavy). He sanded the front and sides with a course- and then a fine-grit sandpaper. Then he stained it with a combo stainer/polyurethane (he used minwax bombay mahogany color). It isn’t even bolted to the bedframe or mounted. They simply leaned it against the wall and pushed the bed up against it. Genius.

03 DIY headboard height

The added bonus of this being a fence panel is that it goes all the way to the floor, unlike some headboards that suddenly end, maybe before the pillows or mattress quite begin, yuck! But this? Perfection.

02 DIY headboard

Jennifer said they’d been without a headboard for about eight years when they went this route. I can hardly believe it! I wish I had a before-and-after photo. Can you imagine the contrast?!

So, for the price of a ~$40 fence panel, a $15 container of stain, and a couple of pieces of sandpaper, they had an incredible DIY headboard. Well done, J & L! Well. Done. [Oh my gracious! I am blessed with such brilliant friends!]

So, anyone else out there have a thrifty DIY furniture solution that looks fabulous? Do tell!


3 responses to “Totally Awesome DIY Fence Panel Headboard

  1. actually, i was allready going to do a fence looking headboard, so i was looking to see how exactly it would work. mine will be simailar , but i’m going to do the fence post at each end of my fence, and paint it a med shade of baby peapod green, to match my draped curtains. against my caramel beige walls. great idea for those of us on a tight budget. all around 65.00 bucks. thanks for posting this.


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