Thirty-Second Hair: Twisty Side Chignon

Okay, if you’re anything like me and have hair even just long enough to do it, you have probably given in to ye olde ponytail. It’s fast, easy, and gets the job done. BUT… What if there were a hairstyle that you could pull off in just a few more seconds than a ponytail, whether your hair’s clean or dirty, and actually look put together and styled, not just pulled back.

02 side chignon side view

I humbly submit to you: the side chignon. It’s super easy to do, and it’s my go-to ‘do for when I want to get ready fast, especially on a bad- or dirty hair day.

First of all, can I just confess something to you about this hairdo? The first time I wore my hair like this, I felt a little intimidated and uncomfortable, like who do I think I am wearing my hair in some sassy side knot. Is that crazy? I had to psyche myself up to own it. So, if you’re sort of a ponytail girl, you might just have to give yourself permission to pull this off. You can do it.

03 side chignon starting point

Okay, so here’s how you do it:

Grab a bit of hair right behind your ear and start twisting it towards your head.

04 side chignon twisting

As you continue to twist the lock of hair, move across the back of your head, adding in more hair from the nape as you go. Sort of a twist-tuck-add-repeat.

05 side chignon twisty bobby pin pre twist

Once you get to the other side of your head, behind your other ear, you have a little ponytail.

06 side chignon twisty bobby pin holding

Twist the ponytail into a loose-ish bun.

07 side chignon twisty bobby pin

Then, to hold it all in place, just use a spiral bobby pin twisted into place straight through the bun and into the twist of hair at the nape of your neck. Use a second spiral bobby pin to secure the twist of hair along the nape of your neck if you want.

side chignon spin bobby pin

[Here’s what a spiral bobby pin looks like. I think the technical name is a spin pin, and I got a Goody brand two pack for a pittance–they’re sold with all the other hair clips.]

08 side chignon side view 2

And shazaam, you’re out the door!

09 side chignon back

Of course, I must warn you, this style is so easy that it can become a bit addictive. So try a looser less-twisted/more-side-swept look…

10 side chignon back braided

Oh! Or a braid! Tres fancy… Of course, this style takes more like a minute or two rather than thirty seconds…

11 side chignon back braid 2

But if you know how to french braid, I think it’s totally worth the investment.

12 side chignon back braid 2'

Start behind one ear with a lock of hair, just like with the twist, but do a loose french braid across the back of your head, adding bits in from above and below the braid as you work your way across the back of your head. then twist into a bun and secure with a spiral bobby pin. Nice!

13 side chignon side view 3

And it is awesome to have an easy. non-ponytail ‘do that gets compliments Every.Single.Time. In fact, when I wear my hair like this is the only time I get compliments on it, so I guess it’s a bit of all right.

01 side chignon front view

Wheeee! I love a little low-effort, high-reward, easy to-do hair action!

So, y’all let me know how it turns out for you if you try this, okay?! I love to read your comments!


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