{really, girls} If He’s A Gift From God

I was sitting in the hair dresser’s chair, it’s been ten years ago now, as the stylist excitedly shared about her latest live-in boyfriend.

As she recalled all the “broken road” details that led her straight to him, she said, “He’s a gift from God, no doubt.”

really girls hair dresser

And those words have hung there in my heart and still bother me a decade later.

Because, really girls, if he’s a gift from God, wouldn’t he draw you closer to God? Wouldn’t God send you a man who endeavors to protect your purity, inspire your walk, and challenge your spiritual complacency.

Maybe this man with whom you are so enamored is not, in fact, a gift from God… but a “gift” from someone else entirely, maybe simply some juicy bait hiding a hook?

So just a thought today… a little hornet’s nest stirring.  [And a little heart stirring for some maybe too?]

Because really, girls, if he’s a gift from God, he will lead you closer to Him.


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2 responses to “{really, girls} If He’s A Gift From God

  1. A friend told me something years ago that I have never forgotten. She said, that satan delights in sending us his best–just before God sends His best. The way to tell the difference is simple. If you must compromise your integrity in order to have something–even a little bit–it is not from God. God will not ever require you to compromise your integrity in order to have something good.


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