Sweater Makeover: From Plain Turtleneck to Hedgehog Boatneck

I know, I know, I took the scissors to my wardrobe again. But what better way to get a free “new” piece of clothing, right?

001 hedgehog sweater

And who doesn’t like a cute little hedgehog?

01 hedgehog sweater

This hot pink turtleneck started its day just as unassuming as could be. And since winter seems to have snapped back for one last hurrah, it would have been just fine and dandy, but…

02 hedgehog sweater

I went ahead and made it into a boatneck by cutting a curve from about two inches in from one shoulder dipping down across the front (and back) just under the neck and back up to a couple of inches in from the other shoulder.

03 hedgehog sweater

Then I grabbed a couple of scraps of fabric–one brown, one tan microcord.

04 hedgehog sweater

I cut the brown into a hedgehog body.

05 hedgehog sweater

And I added a head and feet with the tan scrap.

06 hedgehog sweater

I added a felt nose and a sweater scrap rosy cheek.

07 hedgehog sweater

I attached Heat & Bond to the back of all my pieces, first attaching the face pieces to the head, then ironing the head, feet, then body to the sweater.

08 hedgehog sweater

And that’s it! Before I could say bob’s your uncle, I had a remade top. Wheeeee!

Okay, so what do you think: a bit crazy… or just the price a crafty girl’s wardrobe has to pay?!


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