Hot Tip: How to Bathe your Kiddos {without breaking your back}

This week, I’m going to be sharing little tidbits from my [nerdy] life…

The first thing is this: Where to sit when you bathe your kids.

Now, I guess I never really gave it any thought until last week when it came up in a discussion with a girlfriend. Beth was asking for input from moms on what we would put in a dream kids’ bathroom. [I shared that installing a pull-out step where the under cabinet toe kick is would be awesome… and having hooks instead of a towel bar…] Somehow we got onto the topic of baths.

I haven’t done any market research on this or anything, but the girlfriends I happened to be talking with hadn’t thought of doing this before, so I thought I’d share it with you in case it helps you [and your back and sanity] too!

little kids bath time

When I give my youngest kids a bath (still together at 5 & 2), I roll up my pants and sit on the edge of the tub to bathe them.

And there you have it: my big tip for the day.

Right now, you might be thinking, “duh, everyone does that,” or “gah! that is brilliant! so simple! why didn’t I think of that?” [I am hoping you are at the latter end of the reaction spectrum.]

Anyhoo, I know a lot of parents sit on the edge of the tub with their legs out or sit on a little stool next to the tub while leaning over the edge. But with your feet in the tub, there is no twisting.

So while it’s not exactly the sudsy pedicure spa treatment my feet might be hoping for, at least I’m not wearing out my back to bathe these little gaffers. 🙂   Huzzah!

Anyone else out there have a little tip from your [nerdy] life? I’d love to hear about it, wheeeeee!


One response to “Hot Tip: How to Bathe your Kiddos {without breaking your back}

  1. When my young men were small, on really hot days I would put on my bathing suit and get into the tub with them. We would soak in the tub and pretend we were at the beach.


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