Giveaway Announcement & Scrappy Pennant Stationery

What a fun ride it’s been sewing for Heather Bailey‘s creative challenge! I hope you enjoyed the projects I created with her delicious fabrics! I’ve got one last [unofficial] project to share before I announce the winner of the giveaway!

01 heather bailey pennant stationery scraps

Not wanting any of these lovely fabrics to be left on the cutting room floor, I decided to make some cute scrappy fabric pennant stationery for the winner of this giveaway!

02 heather bailey pennant stationery triangles

So I cut the scraps into little triangles about 1.5″ wide and 2″ long.

03 heather bailey pennant stationery glued

Then I swagged them across the tops of some smooth cardstock half sheets until I was happy with the arrangement. I dabbed just the teensiest bit of gluestick glue onto the middle of each back to secure them while I sewed.

04 heather bailey pennant stationery sewing

Then I used a zig-zag stitch to sew the scraps right onto the cardstock.

05 heather bailey pennant stationery

[So the backs of the stationery sheets look like this.]

06 heather bailey pennant stationery sewn

And it was that simple!

07 heather bailey pennant stationery

Before I could say bob’s your uncle, I had a stack of cuteness!

08 heather bailey pennant stationery

They are all wrapped with baker’s twine and ready to make their journey…

09 heather bailey pennant stationery

…along with the camera strap cover and embroidery patterns…

And they are going TO…

[drumroll please]

10 heather bailey giveaway winner pinterest pin

Congratulations to Melissa! Your pin is the winning entry! HUZZAH! [The winner was randomly generated by Rafflecopter using from just over 300 entries. Thank you to THEM for doing the hard work–I could never choose by myself!!] And thank you so much to all of those who entered!

Our winner, Melissa, shared this about herself:

“I live in the suburbs of St. Louis, Missouri. I’m married to my high school sweetheart and we have an almost 19 year old daughter and a rescued Greyhound. I love hiking, cycling and running on trails. I can’t get enough of 1930s repro print fabric and host fabric swaps for them.”

10 heather bailey giveaway winner fictional crush jamie fraser

She also said that Jamie Fraser is her fictional crush. [I have no idea who that is. So I googled him. Still no idea. Does that make me hopelessly out of touch?? Probably…]

10 heather bailey giveaway winner heather bailey fabric crush

Meanwhile, MY crush, in dreams and reality, is on Heather Bailey’s fabrics.  I nearly swoon when I see her collections in my favorite fabric shop. True story.

Ahem, so one more BIG thank you to the incomparable Heather Bailey! You’ve made this happy girl smile a little broader!

I love to be able to give away some prizes from time to time! It is one of my favorite perks of blogging!! But that’s a distant second to YOU GUYS! Thanks for showing up here each week at my little carved out spot on the internet and for playing along, wheeeeee!


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