Come With Me {to the apple orchard}

I might be a hopeless romantic for saying this, but there is something so magical to me about an apple orchard. Being out in nature among 1000 fruit-bearing trees, old barns, and friendly farmers make Stepp’s Hillcrest Orchard one of my favorite places. apple orchard 07 So I was so happy that Sis’s preschool class was there for a fieldtrip yesterday. Come stroll with us! apple orchard 04 [Of course, I think this worn old barn door is beautiful. Just smile and nod if you do not share my opinion.] 🙂 apple orchard 03 Worn painted wood and weathered metal roofs are my happy place. apple orchard 28 Think they’d notice if I move in here? apple orchard 11 apple orchard 14 I heart old barns. apple orchard 29 Now I’m wondering if this little structure in a field next to a million wildflowers is available for rent. apple orchard 30 I could see a beautiful celebration here! apple orchard 01 Oh! And pretty pots of flowers, all in a row. xox apple orchard 23   apple orchard 12 I heard more than one little boy ohhh-and-ahhh over the tractors. [I might have a bit, too.] apple orchard 24 We took a tractor-pulled ride through the rows and rows of apples to our picking spot. apple orchard 21 apple orchard 22 Lift, twist, and pull an apple right off the branch. apple orchard 27 Grab a peck basket at the main barn and pick with us! apple orchard 05 After apple-picking, we turned our attention to pumpkins. The orchard had a neat row of little pumpkins already cut next to the pumpkin patch, perfect for sweet little hands. apple orchard 06 apple orchard 09 apple orchard 02 Now I’m ready to bake some pumpkin muffins! apple orchard 13 The weather was perfect, overcast and cool. The kids tromped along the soybean path… apple orchard 16 …and made their way through the corn maze. apple orchard 20 apple orchard 19 apple orchard 18 apple orchard 17 Who knew there were so many different varieties, textures, and flavors in an apple? apple orchard 25 We sampled the fresh-peeled goods. apple orchard 26 …and I grabbed a couple of goodies back at the main barn too. apple orchard 08 Thanks for touring along with us! Do you have a favorite fall activity or place? Do tell! And have a glorious day, wheeeeee! Wheeee! blog signature


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