A Quiet Little Embroidered Feather

Since my day pretty much began with, ‘Wait, what? How did you drop the entire tube of toothpaste in the toilet?” before I’d had so much as a cup of coffee to soften the blow, I have to say that things have improved considerably. But the day has been full, and I spent most of it going full tilt.
Really, I could have used a moment of quiet and peace.
embroidered feather 01'
Usually for me, crafting is a broad stroke and a wild expression, fraught with tangled up and tango on moments… but sometimes a craft allows me to slow and breathe. Such is the case with this little feather embroidery.
For the stem, just sew up through the center, then backtrack for each stitch. For the branches of the feather, sew up through the center, right next to the main center stem, then out to the edge, moving up a bit to make the tines of the feather all point slightly up. Then repeat, bringing the needle back up at the middle stem, but a little higher up, then back down at the edge, again higher up. You can do one side and then the other, or alternate from one end to the other.
embroidered feather 02
The steady weaving back and forth through the fabric with the embroidery thread is simple and deliberate. Add a button and a flower finger-twisted from a scrap, and you have a lovely little embellishment for a top.
embroidered feather 03'
I’m thinking a little feather on a cardigan lapel or sleeve this fall could be really charming…
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