Bless, But Don’t Pick Up The Serial Killer.

I’m typing this at Starbucks sitting next to my best gal (my daughter) and a venti vanilla chai latte. Our modem went caput a couple of days ago, so I’m cruelly aware of how much I use the internet. Thanks to a smart phone, my eldest son’s shoes still got ordered and my borderline unhealthy addiction to facebook has been placated. Ahem, but I digress.

I ran to Barnes and Noble last night to publish yesterday’s post from my laptop… And as I was there, the heavy rain started up again. When they kicked me out politely told me the store was closed at 9:00, I walked out the front door to join all the others huddled in a mass, wondering if the rain would let up long enough for them to make a dash for their cars.

Thankfully, I had gotten the spot right smack in front of B&N, so it was an easy few feet dash through the rain for me. I climbed into my car and started my engine, then looked again at the ten or so people still standing under the meager covering, silently beseeching the rain to stop.

But it didn’t.

I turned my car slightly and pulled right up to the curb, rolling down the window, “Anyone want a ride to your car? I can fit six passengers.” [These are the sorts of moves, in retrospect, that drive my protective husband crazy… but thankfully, I didn’t pick up any serial killers. This time.]

A lovely couple in their 50’s or 60’s, I’d guess, took me up on my offer, and I shuttled them to the other end of the parking lot. They thanked me abundantly.

Of course, you know how the math on this one works: I was so grateful for the opportunity to bless someone.

As I drove back past the waiting mass, I thought about how like life this little interchange is. So here are two thoughts on it:

1. Use your blessing. A good parking spot is minor in the grand scheme of things, but when we ask God to give us eyes to see how we can bless others right where we are, amazing things can happen in His name. Look for ways to bless others as you go through your day. Then do them.

2. Receive others’ blessings. We live in a total “I got this” sort of culture where it can feel foreign and uncomfortable to accept help from strangers. But just a thought: sometimes God stops the rain, and sometimes He offers dry passage through it. Figuratively speaking: don’t stay huddled under the overhang.

So, tell me, how have you shared or received an unexpected blessing?


6 responses to “Bless, But Don’t Pick Up The Serial Killer.

  1. I had someone at our day care give me a big thing of formula. Her sister got it in the mail and it is not the kind they use so they donated it to me. Formula is expensive and I felt really blessed.


  2. I was driving home from dropping Brooke off at Preschool and it had started pouring the rain again. There was this young man walking through the neighborhood toward the road. I slowed down, and he kept walking, so I turned around and pulled up beside him, proceeded to ask if he needed a ride. Turns out he was heading to the bus stop about a mile away (not far) but he was extremely thankful for the dry ride to a covered bus area. I kept thinking, “Mike will roll his eyes and fuss about this since he is in Law Enforcement” but it was too late and I was glad I did it! Guess I will tell him tonight! Fingers crossed, lol!! 😉


  3. Gina, I do believe it’s the little things in life that we do that impact people the most. Even if we don’t realize we are doing something special.

    I was at my ?$?th high school class reunion when I ran into an old classmate I have not seen since graduation day. He pulled me aside and thanked me for always being nice to him. You see, he moved to our small town at the start of our freshman year. He did not know a soul (how scary!). He remembers me turning around in freshman orientation, introducing myself, and asking if he needed help navigating the school. He says my kindness on that day will stick with him forever and he knew he was going to be okay.
    I never thought twice about that day. But since that conversation, I try to instill in my children how one nice word can boost someone up and one harsh word can tear them down forever.
    So to answer your question, I received an unexpected blessing in the form of a compliment that will forever stick with me. It has helped shape the person I am and the person I want to continue to be.
    Keep up the wonderful blog. You are truly inspiring!


  4. One time I was at Michael’s and somehow during my time in the store my wallet was stolen out of my purse. (This was Los Angeles, not Asheville!) I didn’t realize until it was time to pay. The customers in line behind me paid for my stuff, I was prepared to go home empty handed.
    As for me, I like to smile and be kind and give complements. Once, in line at the grocery store, the customer in front of me was the evil coupon lady and had the cash register lady in tears. I made it a point to let her know that waiting was not a big deal, and let her know that she handled the awful situation very well, and that she was very sweet. Even the people behind me in line and the bagger guy ended up complementing me. I was the one blessed that day!


  5. So cool you asked me this today! I’ve been in Texas for some ministry training with my area team of 3 women and 70 other people (probably only about 25% of us were men). Last evening, two of us girls were in line at an airport to pay for our dinner and one of the men who had been training with us was paying for his, just in front of us. When the cashier held out his change, he refused it and asked the man to use it to pay for us. Of course, we told him he didn’t have to do that (we only met each other 4 days before!), but he told the cashier we were his SISTERS and he wanted to buy us dinner. What a sweet reminder that we are family in Christ and that we should be generous to WHOMEVER (unbelievers and believers, too) whenever we are able! And, thank you, lovely Gina for the admonition that we should receive graciously to allow that giving spirit to express itself and do all kinds of work in the hearts of the givers and the receivers. ❤


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