Glamour Shots: Guilty As Charged.

My friend Shahreen shared a funny link on “12 Ways to Achieve The Very Best Glamour Shot.” I think it is flat out hilarious. And yes, I must admit, I am guilty as charged in this department. Had to rock the hat. In my defense, my ultra-nerdy, buck-toothed, glasses-wearing high school self got to do a “glamour shots” shoot because my high school boyfriend’s mom worked at Olan Mills, so it was free. Free can cover over a multitude of evils, but I don’t know if even “free” excuses that fabulous glamour shot era. But I did live in Texas… and everything’s bigger in Texas, right? Especially hair. And eyebrows, apparently.

Anyhoo, hope it provides you with a good laugh for your weekend! Here’s the link: 12 Ways to Achieve The Very Best Glamour Shot.

So, it’s #’s 7 & 8 for me. What about you, did you get sucked in to the whole 80’s/90’s Glamour Shot phenom? Were you fabulously bedazzled? Was your hair awesome? Spill!


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