The Non-Post Post {Yes.}

Yes, our home modem has not yet been replaced. So yes I drove up to Starbucks tonight with my laptop to upload today’s post and insert the photos. And yes, as I opened up my laptop, I spilled the entire contents of my venti chamomile tea with skim milk and five raw sugars all over my purse and the floor, narrowly missing showering the old man at the next table. And yes, he did go on to tell me with a laugh the he’d never hit a woman before but he might have if I’d poured the entire contents of my drink on him. And yes I mopped it up myself while apologizing to the barista. And yes the man at the next table said I looked like I’d mopped often and I must spill things a lot. And yes the man at the next table joked with said barista that I’d gone to throw my drink on him but missed. [And yes, I did think to myself: watch out mister, ’cause the night is still young. Ha!] And yes, once settled, I proceeded to have an issue transferring the photos from my camera to my computer, one of which I had planned to insert into the post.

And yes most of the remaining laptop battery was sucked dry while I was mopping and re-sugar-loading my replacement tea and fiddling with my camera. And yes I *did* actually considering asking that man at the next table if I could borrow his cord for ten minutes. And yes, I did also rifle through my soggy purse for the power cord I knew wasn’t there. And yes, I decided against attempting cord borrow and drove my sorry self home (after *cafefully* packing up without additional incident or mess)… And yes, I am now home standing in my dark kitchen thumb-tapping out this post on my smartphone because apparently the high “C” portion of my ICS personality blend (on the disc profile) prevents me from NOT making a weekday blog post once that is the schedule I’ve set up. And YES, I am going to bed now. And yes, I am a hot mess.

{dear Jesus, thank you for loving me right where I am and just as I am. amen.}

Good night. 🙂


2 responses to “The Non-Post Post {Yes.}

  1. Love this post…I’m an SC on the DISC profile and have the same problem; once I’ve said I’m going to do it, I just must.


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