Little Happy: Spider Bite Antidote

When you hear someone is sick or tired or sad or…well, experiencing any number of emotions, actually… it’s a great excuse to share a little love. People, after all, are God’s beloved, His craftsmanship, so why not seize every opportunity you can to express that to others?

The precious daughter of friends of ours got a spider bite last week that landed her at the doctor’s office with a high fever. Poor thing!

So I dropped by some Spider Bite Antidote. [Well, actually, the “medicine” was cut-up twizzlers… ’cause that’s what I had on hand… though M&M’s would be splendid.]

Mod-podge a circle of fabric to the lid of a glass spice jar to girl it up a bit (the lid was green, and would have been a little too Christmasy with the red twizzlers). Then add a large avery label printed with the “medical” instructions, patient, and prescribing doc.

Next add a tag that reads something like “I heard a spider got ya… Dude, that ‘bites.'” Hahaha, I crack myself up. I hope it brightened her day.

So, how can you brighten someone’s day today with a simple “little happy”?


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