Li’l Bro’s Backpack Tweak {simple DIY fix}

Li’l Bro is starting junior kindergarten next week. I can hardly believe it–where does the time go? Before I know it, all three of my babies will be in school all day (grief counselors will be standing by).

Li’l Bro received this cute backpack a couple of years ago as a gift, and although I usually love Lands’ End merchandise for its quality, value, and durability, this little backpack had one small flaw…

When you put something in the front pouch, the small square of velcro is not strong enough to keep the pouch closed so it gapes open, usually allowing whatever is in there to fall out. Bummer!

It hasn’t really been an issue–we just skipped using the front pocket usually. But I decided this week, as we are getting the boys ready for the coming school year, to do a simple tweak on Li’l’s packpack pocket.

I got out my buttons, and chose a few contenders.

I wanted a button that was big enough to be easy for small hands to work.

So, once I chose the winning button, I sewed it to the velcro piece on the pocket of the backpack. [I left the velcro on for strength and reinforcement, and sewed the button straight onto/over it.]

Then I zig-zag stitched a button hole on the flap and cut it open with my seam ripper. [Not my prettiest buttonhole to date, but ah well.]

And voila! No more gaping pocket! Wheeeeee!

Now, if only I could save a few more bucks on school supplies! Over $100 spent so far with more left on the lists! OUCH!

So, how do y’all get ready for back-to-school? Do tell!


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