{is it cheating to} Photoshop Christmas Card Photos?

For a few years there, it became almost a joke in our family the amount of photoshopping that went into our Christmas cards. A little teeth-whitening, a little crow’s feet diminishing, and–the year we took pics two weeks after my giving birth to our third child–a little figure slimming!

Christmas 2010 033

Of course (not that I’m biased or anything) our kids are pretty stinking cute and typically require no editing.

Christmas 2010 042

 [Of course, posing is not always our forte… Li’l Bro, put your foot down!]

Ahem, but I digress.

Christmas 2009 card

I have been known to switch around a head or two between photos to get everyone smiling or at least looking at the camera, like this one of Li’l Bro: that head’s from a totally different shot… And I changed a few ornament colors on the tree to coordinate with our outfits… And I might have whitened teeth and softened wrinkles just a smidge.

03 Christmas book 2006 green hair

This card I mentioned yesterday, from 2006, was tweaked just a bit: I replaced my head with another from this roll, hence the green hair, since this head was originally next to the green sweater Big Bro was wearing.

Christmas 2010 card photo before

Then there’s this shot that eventually made the 2010 Christmas card. Y’all, we had a 1st grader, a preschooler, and a two-week-old. We were hanging on by a thread. I thought about captioning the card “Sleep in Heavenly Peace??

Christmas 2010 card photo edits

It needed a little love to tighten it up for the card… Weight loss “plastic surgery” has never been so painless as I digitally thinned out my post-baby physique. That’s a bit of all right. I think the funniest thing in this card is that when I moved us over to be “in front” of the tree, I made our sofa a two-pillow back instead of three… You can see just above Hub’s sleeve is a little fuzzy in the final cut where the shift was blended. But no one ever busted us on the sofa or my post-baby body. Good times.

Christmas 2010 card

Mission accomplished. Can you see the differences? (You can click image below to enlarge)

Christmas 2010 card photo before and after

[And for the record: I didn’t do any surgical editing this year or last… Are we getting better with age? …Or is my vision just fading??]

So what do you say, is it cheating to edit Christmas card photos?


3 responses to “{is it cheating to} Photoshop Christmas Card Photos?

  1. Cheating? Heavens, no! Not in this gal’s book! In fact, PhotoShop, where have you been all my life? If we hadn’t gotten professional photos taken this year (that were photoshopped) I would’ve considered begging lessons in editing, Gina. 🙂 And on another note, I can see the differences in your before and after pics, but mayhaps I wouldn’t have had you not circled them.


  2. I think I need lessons in PhotoShop! Too bad we can’t do that in real life, i.e. PS my body and it physically retains what I’ve done technically!


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