Easy DIY: Chevron Initial Wreath

Spring is coming! So my sad little porch is getting a sunny pick-me-up. I’m not quite there yet, but I thought I’d give you a sneak peak with this super simple crafty door hanger tutorial. You can make one too, wheee!

chevron stripes

I decided I’m going to dress my porch using some of the same principles I use to dress myself. So to the neutral door, I want to layer a little color, texture, and pattern.

01 chevron initial wreath

When Sissy and Li’l Bro went down for naps, I pulled out yellow & white paint, mod podge, heavy duty scissors, a couple of paint brushes, painter’s tape (I ended up not using this tape after all), a drop cloth, a sharpie, and some cardboard (I had this small cardboard box with which to work, but jigsawing something out of thin wood would be fantastic and longer lasting).

02 chevron initial wreath

I sketched a “C” on the cardboard. [Note: it would have been better to sketch it backwards or actually on the back so that the paint could go on the unprinted cardboard side rather than having to cover up all the “Cuties” print.] If you have no letter sketchability, print a huge letter out on your printer, and use that as a template.

03 chevron initial wreath

Cut out your letter and paint it white. Then add yellow chevron stripes…

03b chevron initial wreath

You can pull out your ruler and get all exact, or you can do what I did and freehand a more wonky perfectly imperfect stripe.

04 chevron initial wreath

Next, slather on a layer of mod podge, This will help it withstand the elements. [Of course, for a totally exposed door, you would have to use wood or styrofoam or something more weather-resistant, but this cardboard will work on a covered porch.]

05 chevron initial wreath

Since this “wreath” is so lightweight, it could annoyingly tap against the door or easily blow right away with a gust. So attach a command strip to the back of it. [I still used my wreath hanger, but added this command strip at the bottom.] Color the front of the command strip tab (the bit you pull to remove later) the same color as the door to camouflage it. [I used a sharpie since our door is black, but you can use a dab of touch up paint of just mix a close color with a bit of craft paint.]

06 chevron initial wreath

I outlined the stripes with the sharpie too… I still haven’t decided if it looks really cute or a little charlie brown… Hmm…

Oh! But I cannot WAIT to show you the surprise element for this porch! Coming soon! Wheeeee!

So, how’s your March porch shaping up? All green & shamrocks? A bit of spring? Floral mania? Do tell!


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