{my favorite ways to} Decorate With Wheat Grass

I just love that growing wheat grass is cheap, easy, and [I think] beautiful! What a triple win!

01 wheat grass berries containers dirt

I grabbed a bag of by-the-pound wheat berries at the grocery store (I got mine in the bulk foods section at Ingles, for my Asheville friends) and a small bag of miracle grow garden mix. I spent about $6 total for the dirt and seeds. I am using a large white ceramic bowl, a couple of square glass vases, and a couple of lined farmer’s market fruit cartons.

04 wheat grass berry baskets

It’s so fun watching the sprouts start to pop up!

06 wheat grass roots

And I love using glass containers so the kids can see all the roots growing down.

Here are some of my favorite wheat grass ideas and inspirations (click any of the images to take you to the original):

wheat grass decor 05

I love this look with [what I am assuming is flicked paint] eggs tucked in between the blades.

wheat grass decor 04

And I adore this one, a beautiful visual story of Jesus’s death and resurrection.


But since it’s already too late this year to have the wheat grass sprouted for Easter, how about a monogram? I can only image how much fun my kids would have trimming this initial.

wheat grass decor 02

And I love this idea of small planters with little name cards on twig flagpoles… But I’m seeing a verse or encouraging word on each pennant…

wheat grass decor 01

And for a spring centerpiece, birthday party, wedding reception, or baby shower, how fantastic would this be? Add name & table number labels to make them place cards.

wheat grass decor 03

Frankly, I’d be happy with just this simple, low bowl full of grass.

wheat grass decor 07

There’s just something architectural but organic about wheat grass that I’m drawn to.

wheat grass decor 09

Oh! Or how about in mason jars…

wheat grass decor 10

…Or a glass terrarium? Fabulous!

wheat grass decor 08

And I am definitely seeing yet another makeover in the DIY herb trough‘s future, wheeeee!

So, have you ever grown wheat grass? How’d ya use it? What’d ya grow it in? Do tell!

favorite ways to use and decorate with wheat grass


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