simple {and adorbs} mini gift box makeover

On Thursday I am helping give a fanTAStic gift to a marvelous woman. I hope she loves it. [But we haven’t given it to her yet, so–on the off chance she stumbles onto my blog before then–you’ll just have to wait to see!]

Meanwhile, I wanted to wrap this little gift in a manner worthy of its cuteness, and I decided on this little box.

01 mini gift box makeover

…The only problem was that this little old gold jewelry gift box I dug out of my jewelry drawer was neither cute nor worthy.

But never fear! Scrapbook paper and glue stick to the rescue!

02 mini gift box makeover

I just cut two coordinating rectangles of scrapbook paper, each wide and long enough to wrap the bottom (or top) and sides plus a bit extra to tuck in. Then I cut four slits in each piece, two at either end running the same line as the bottom (or top) edge.

03 mini gift box makeover

Then go to town with your glue stick. Fold the scrapbook rectangle up and around one side of the bottom, then the opposite, then fold the ends up-and-over. And you’ll have a pretty [half of a] box… Then repeat for the top, and you’re ready to roll!

04 mini gift box makeover

Total cuteness. I have another little touch or two in mind to complete this gift wrap, but I’ll share those in the big gift reveal post on Friday. [You’re gonna gush right along with me. So.Much.Cuteness!]


4 responses to “simple {and adorbs} mini gift box makeover

  1. Gina, all these years I’ve struggled to recover gift boxes and make them look smooth and finished. Thanks for the super hint.


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