Cutie Pink Gift Basket For My Nieces

Three of my adorable nieces were in town last week. Adorable, I tell you!

nieces gift basket 00

They are beautiful and witty and charming and lovely and I’ve missed them like crazy. So it was high time for a little welcome gift!

nieces gift basket 01

So I grabbed a few bags of mini oreos, bags of fruit snacks, water bottles, pink lemonade singles mixes to snack on. Then I headed out to Michael’s where I found a cute mermaid photo box for under $1.50 on sale! It was the perfect container. Then I raided the party favor/$1 aisles at Michael’s and found some Disney princesses and Tinkerbell play jewelry; Hello Kitty notepad, markers, dry erase board, and stickers; and a tube of glow bracelets.

nieces gift basket 02

My nieces are total water babies, so this mermaid top (which I used as a sort of “back drop” tucked into the back of the gift box) is perfect. I also added pink, green, and yellow tissue paper to line the box.

nieces gift basket 03

Then it was just a matter of tucking everything neatly in.

nieces gift basket 04

And SHAZAAM one cute little gift basket for under $20…

nieces gift basket 05

Their reactions? PRICELESS! I mean seriously: plastic jewelry, oreo cookies, and lots of hugs? My aunt work here is done!


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how to put together a pink little girl gift basket


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