The Brand New, Yellow Eyelet Dress {I scored for $6.75!}

Okay, so I am definitely a bargain shopper, sometimes to a fault. I’ve tried to learn over the years that, with clothing, it is better to buy one or two quality pieces I love rather than ten mediocre ho-hum pieces…

01 yellow eyelet dress score

BUT… When I saw this fun little yellow eyelet dress on the Old Navy clearance rack, I thought it was worth a second look.

02 yellow eyelet dress score

It was marked only $13.49, but had an extra 50% off on top of that due to the “hole in zipper.” Now, I’m no professional seamstress, and zippers can be tricky…

03 yellow eyelet dress score

…But a moment’s inspection revealed that the zipper wasn’t broken, and there were no tears or rips in the fabric.

04 yellow eyelet dress score

The seam had simply come undone. And since it fit perfectly, I called it SOLD!

05 yellow eyelet dress score

This is literally a 30-second fix. Just line the zipper up with the seam of the dress where it came undone…

06 yellow eyelet dress score

…Pin the zipper in place…

07 yellow eyelet dress score

…And reattach the zipper using a straight stitch that begins and ends overlapping where the zipper was still attached.

08 yellow eyelet dress score

And that’s it! Not too shabby for $6.75, right?!

So next time you see something deeply discounted because it’s “damaged.” give it a closer look–it might just be a simple fix! Wheeeeeeee!


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