Chai Latte Knock-Off {3 simple ingredients}

One of my favorite drinks at Starbucks is a chai latte… Which is basically sweetened chai tea with steamed milk, yeh?

chai latte knock-off 01

So I figured I definitely needed to try to DIY that one at home!

chai latte knock-off 02


1 cup strong brewed chai tea (use 2 teabags)

2 tbsp liquid coffee creamer (hazelnut or vanilla are the best)

1 cup milk (heated then frothed in a french press)

chai latte knock-off 03

Start by berwing one cup of really brewed chai tea. I use two tea bags for one cup of very hot water. I get the hot water from the Keurig, then let it steep while I get the milk and creamer. [Pictured above are both Tazo and Twinings brands tea bags, but I prefer the taste of Twinings.]

chai latte knock-off 05

Heat one cup of milk to almost boiling, then put it into your french press. [It’s not just form brewing coffee, y’all!] Plunge and lift the french press handle several times to froth your milk into a nice foam. [My french press only has metal on the plunging mechanism, so I remove that and microwave my milk for 1 minute right in the french press flask. But do not do that if your french press would require that you put metal parts in the microwave!]

chai latte knock-off 04

Once the milk is heated and frothed, your tea should have had ample time to brew, so discard the tea bags. Next add two tea spoons of coffee creamer–this adds a little thickness and sweetness to your drink.

chai latte knock-off 05

Finally, stir in your lovely foamy milk.

chai latte knock-off 07

And that’s it! You’re all ready to enjoy your Starbucks-esque chai latte whenever you want, again and again!

chai latte knock-off 06

…and again and again and again

chai latte knock-off starbucks recipe hack

It’s perfect hot, or serve it over ice for the summer time. Cheers!

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