Roasted Marshmallows, Anyone? [under $10 fire pit]

There is nothing quite like lighting up the fire pit in our backyard on a relaxing summer evening. The crackle of the fire, a cool breezy mountain evening, and the taste of freshly roasted marshmallows are a trifecta of summer goodness for me.

01 fire pit for under $10

So when my hubs found this little gem on CraigsList for five bucks, I was pretty excited.

03 fire pit for under $10 after

Of course, it looked a bit like it had seen better days…

04 fire pit for under $10 after

But the handle, lid, grate, basin, and stand all lift apart. So I hosed the pieces off, then grabbed a drop cloth and laid them out. I gently hammered the top from the back side to straighten out the dome.

05 fire pit for under $10

This little can of spray paint–Rustoleum High Heat enamel–is made for high heat applications and only costs $3.88. Perfect!

06 fire pit for under $10 after

You wanna know what’s awesome about spray paint? I mean, besides its ease of application…

07 fire pit for under $10 after

INSTANT gratification.

08 fire pit for under $10 after

The stand went from dumpster-ready sad…

09 fire pit for under $10 after

…to sleek and new, in minutes! All it took was one can, one coat!

10 fire pit for under $10'

Ahhhh, much better!

11 fire pit for under $10 after

Anyone else feeling the CraigsList hunt bug coming on? I chatted all about that back here, with our house full of furniture for under $200 post! Go git ’em! Now pass the marshmallows, and let’s do this thing, y’all!

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2 responses to “Roasted Marshmallows, Anyone? [under $10 fire pit]

  1. Good early am, Gina when I ever have time I would to tell you about all of our furniture which has very similar stories as yours, my most recent finding was at the Humane Society thrift furniture store in Hend.  Everything was 70% of due to closing the one store and just keeping the newer store open.  Anyway, I paid 2.00 for what was the bottom of a table solid wood in good shape. We took another piece of wood and put it on top and then used a thinner piece to make a shelf , put roller on it that lock and restained it to match and voila, I have a kitchen island /storage cart.  My kitchen is too small for an island but it set next to wall near my kitchen where I need all the counterspace I can get. Our kitchen is 25 years old, I saying way out of date. We are saving up for getting new cabinets and stuff , maybe next year or two.  Anyway, currently the girls bathroom which was also 25 yrs old, fiberglass tub even had holes in it where Bethany in her tallness accidentally has poked some holes, anyway, the girls are getting a new shower which we have actually been working on since early spring. We had to hire a tile person and just this last week plumbers finally came to move the old to set it up for drain in center and new shower fixtures.  They have been sharing bath with Ben for about 3 weeks, fun , fun. Anyway, the end is in sight and we have had to save up some money for this expense.  It goes with home ownership, constant maintenance. I forgot to mention, Brent made our own firepit in the backyard also with stuff we already had, I found the fire frame at the thrift store also,  It is still a work in progress, I will get Brent to send u some pictures. Currently, our kitchen table which we bought about 16 yrs ago from Jason’s Oak Furniture , the top is off and we are resanding, restaining, and putting many coats of polyurethane on it. We looked for new tables and u can’t find a solid oak table much anymore and when we did it was up to 2000, all of our chairs have to be redone also. I will do them slowly over time, but I have found summer is the best time to paint furniture , I also just repainted our 2 chairs that were white and covered with mildew, They are now choc. brown and am painting our porch swing and glider the same color that we have also had about 16 yrs.   Maybe some day we can get together with all of our furniture ideas.  Blessing to you and your family,  Mary Knecht 828-674-8100

    In His Love and Care, Brent, Mary, Bethany, Benjamin, & Bella Knecht

    PS:  God Loves You and Has A Wonderful Plan For Your Life!!!!   



    • Mary, I love to hear about all those fun projects! Good to see you & Bethany today. And–HEL-LO-OO–can a sister get a call when there is 70% off clearance furniture prices next time?! 😉
      g i n a


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